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Friday, July 20th, 2012 | Posted under Personal

Hey, everyone!

I hope you like the new look of the site. I’ll be doing lots of tweaks to it in the coming weeks to make it even more user friendly for you (and for me, too).

So, do you remember when I started my 101 in 1,001 days list of goals and tasks earlier this year? Well, I can’t believe that we are more than 1/2 way done with 2012. Is this year going quickly for anyone else?

I thought I’d give you an update as to how I’m doing. I set this crazy goal of trying to do 50 this year (Ha!). I think I need to concentrate on the one off tasks since there are many of these goals that have multiple parts.

Here’s my progress report so far:


#13 – Leave a 100% tip. At Republic on March 19, 2012

#17 – Get my own personal stationery. March 2012

#46 – Travel internationally alone again. April – May 2012 in India


 In Madogarh. I’m excited to tell you about my day there.

#59 – Write a note to a friend just because. March 2012. I wrote the note on my new stationery.

#83 – Redesign Try Anything Once. It’s done. Thanks as always to Joy of How Joyful Design. Besos!

#84 – Learn WordPress. I’m going to say this is done. I’m still getting more comfortable with WordPress. I actually set up my own self-hosted blog for something else I’m working on. That made my head hurt, but I did it!

#87 – Attend two different blogging conferences. Blogging While Brown, June 2012 & Blogworld, June 2012. I never thought I was going to accomplish this one, but I’m glad I did. I may even try to catch BlogHer here in New York next month.

#88 – A private goal for the blog.

#89 – Reach 2,500 Twitter followers. Did you know that I even got recognized by a national publication for my Twitter activity?  🙂



On my personal list, I’ve got quite a few marked in progress, but I’m going to be super hard on myself for you all and only list the ones that I am really, really working on for now.

#8 – Buy all fruits and vegetables from the farmers’ market for two months. I just started this this month since I love summer fruit. I do want to discuss this in a post. I really liked my first experience at the market.

#25 – Take a modern dance class workshop. My workshop started in late June and will end on August 1. It’s been fun, and I’m thinking of maybe taking more classes. It’s been good getting back into dancing again.

#27 – Attend a live music event once per month for a year. I have to admit that I don’t think I really accomplished this in April, but I was traveling so much that I just don’t think I made it to anything. Other than that month, I’ve been pretty good about attending musical events.

#28 – Go to an art museum or art gallery once per month for a year. So far so good. It’s been nice to see so much of the art that’s going on in the city, and I even stopped into a gallery in India.

One of my favorites from Millennium Gallery in Udaipur, India

#30 – Do a book reading project for 2012 and 2013 – I’ve made it through three of the five books that I have slated for 2012. It’s been educational reading Mark Twain, if not a little challenging. I’ve been supplementing Twain’s books with some culinary writing like Born Round by Frank Bruni and Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson. I’m finishing the latter right and now and really enjoyed it.

#35 – Go to the gym at least 3 times per week for six months. This is about half way done. By the way, I never said the months had to be consecutive. 😉

#42 – Do a Reset Week once per quarter for a year.  I’ve already done two. Here’s what a Reset Week is, in case you’re wondering.

#45 – Quarterly financial meetings with Husband J for the duration of the 1,001 days. We’re on track so far.

#61 – No TV for one month. I’m actually currently doing this. It’s not been as completely drastic as it sounds. I still watch DVDs once or twice per week and the occasional tv show on Netflix streaming, but I have sworn off broadcast television completely except for the Olympics opening ceremonies on July 27. Thank god for DVR!

#70 – Join the board of a small nonprofit. I think this might actually happen. I didn’t think it would, but there is a real possibility.

#86 – Find 10 new travel or food blogs that I like and be an active commenter on these sites. I  actually have a whole list of new blogs that I’m still going through, but you should definitely check out these blogs below. Mind you these are blogs that I really started reading and commenting regularly this year and doesn’t include the many blogs I’ve been continually reading. This is probably going to be marked “Done” by next week.

Absolute Travel Addict

Mo Travels

One Brown Girl

The Road Forks

Anali’s First Amendment



#11 – Eat a meal in each of New York City’s five boroughs in a year. I think I’ve narrowed down where I’m going. As I mentioned before, the Bronx and Staten Island will be the biggest challenges; but I’m making plans to get to both boroughs soon.

#18 – Sell or donate wedding dress. My anniversary is coming up, and I still can’t believe that dress is still in my closet. #FAIL. I want  this done soon!

#32 – Get a facial. I think this is going to be my birthday present to myself.

#57 – Print and frame an engagement and wedding photo. Husband J called me out on this one recently. 🙁


So, how is your goal setting and other to-do lists going for 2012? I know some of you have 30 before 30 lists, which I can’t do ’cause 30 came and went a long while ago (My birthday is coming up, and I’m going to stop saying my age after this one). I know others of you have 101 in 1,001 days lists. How are things going?




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  1. Chrystal says:

    This is a beautiful endeavor to take upon yourself, and it’s great that you’re sharing it with others. I’m almost 30 and had friends suggest things I should do before I turn. I have my own personal ones that I’m making my way towards as well. Great work Terri!

    1. TryItFoodTravel says:

      I’m trying, Chrystal!! If anything this is motivating me to do some things that I’ve been putting off. It’s been fun challenging myself.

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